Matsyadarshini Aquarium

China Waltair, Visakhapatnam, Main Road, Rk Beach, Visakhapatnam - 530003 Phone: 91-891-6666114, 2701255


Matsyadarshini Aquarium is a beautiful air-conditioned aquarium located on the shore of Ramakrishna Beach. The aquarium was set up and managed by Municipal Corporation of Visakhapatnam.Tourists can witness varieties of the Long Horn Cow Fish, Surgeon Major, Butterfly Fishes, The Lion Fish, Peacock Wrasse, Stone Fish and Red Squirrel Fish in the aquarium. Apart from this, Trigger Fish, Perch Dusky, Clown Fish, Damsels, Sweet Lip Rabbit Fish, Angels, Electric Ray and Porcupine Fish are the other prominent species in the aquarium.

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