MM Adventure Services - Private Tours

Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Experience the beauty of multi-cultural Malaysia with our friendly local guides who exhibit Quality, Uniqueness and a Personalized touch with a Unique Selling Point (USP), as the eyes of Malaysia. Our guides are fluent English speakers and competent/experienced drivers / guides who will be able to show you all the Hidden Treasures of Malaysia. Experience Malaysia through the eyes of a local private guide! Browse through our Overland Tours (Round Trips) - each can be customized just for you. Malaysia is a fascinating melange of cultures. Indian, Chinese, Malay and Western / Eastern traditions have all taken root in this unique Asian country. Let a local guide help you navigate the intricacies of Malaysian culture, while enjoying this nation's spectacular natural beauty. MM Adventure specializes in FIT (single or couple), small group or big group for nature, Wildlife, Day Excursions, Overland Tours (Round Trips), tailor made tours and outdoor adventure travel tours to remote and unspoiled destinations in Malaysia. 95% of our tours are privately organised with a Private Guide / Driver (only your group will be with us and in the vehicle for the entire journey). *Please take note, all tours that are stated to be private tours only will be private tours, if you don't find the Private Tours, that means it will be a joint tour, in which you will be with others in a Mini-Van (maximum 10 pax).

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