National Monument

National Monument, 10110, Indonesia


National Monument (Monumen Nasional, often abbreviated Monas), Lapangan Merdeka (BRT Monumen Nasional), Gambir; Tel.: (62)(21) 384 0451. A towering 137m-tall obelisk with 35 kilos of solid gold shaped into flames up top, this is the most famous landmark in Jakarta. The monument was commissioned by Sukarno in 1961 to celebrate Indonesia's independence, it was completed in 1975 after his death and is consequently known irreverently as Sukarno's Last Erection. The 1 Medan Merdeka (Freedom Square) plaza/park around it was created by bulldozing a squatter community. Entry to the monument costs Rp 1100 (including Rp 100 "insurance"!), open 9AM to 3PM daily. Note that only the north entrance, via a poorly signposted pedestrian tunnel, is currently open. An observation platform perched atop the monument offers stunning views of Jakarta and cool breezes on a hot day. Combined entry ticket Rp 5100. Be prepared to stand in line for 1 to 2 hours, especially if arrived late and/or on a weekend. National History Museum (Museum Sejarah Nasional). In the basement of Monas — look for the small staircases leading down from the outside — is a collection of dioramas depicting the struggle for Indonesian independence from a firmly revolutionary point of view. More amusing than educational, but entry is free with your Monas ticket.

Last Monday of each month the monument is closed.

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