National Stadium

Olympic Park, Chaoyang District Phone: ☎ +86 10 84986888


National Stadium (北京国家体育场; Běijīng Guójiā Tǐyùchǎng), Olympic Park, Chaoyang District (Subway line 8 to Olympic Green station), ☎ +86 10 84986888. 9AM - 7PM, lights on until 9PM or later. Also known as the "Bird's Nest" (鸟巢 Niǎocháo), this stadium, designed by Herzog & Meuron, is the world's largest steel structure. It hosted opening and closing ceremonies, as well as athletic and football matches during the olympics. It was planned to host football matches after the Olympics, but due to few expected spectators the football club backed out of the agreement. Therefore, the stadium has found very little use after the olympics and is planned to be converted to a shopping and entertainment complex.

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