Near Islands Scuba trip

Pattaya, Chon Buri, Thailand Average Price: $ 102 per person


Ko Lan is one of the Eastern Seaboard islands of Thailand.Koh Larn is the largest of the three inner islands, it has two main dive sites which are both popular. All the beaches are of white sand and clear azure waters. There are many water sport activities at each of the beaches. There are also many other activities such as parasailing for you to enjoy while visiting Koh Larn. All the beaches have full facilities such as bathrooms and showers. Koh Kroh is a finger-shaped island that sits along the tidal flow line and therefore is a great place for a drift dive.Probably the best dive site on Koh Sak (Horseshoe Island) is the eastern side facing Pattaya. There are a number of concrete cubes at exactly 10m depth. Following them on a due south heading you can hop from cube to cube in a drift dive.

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