Nirmal Hirday (Pure Heart)

251 Kalighat Rd | Kalighat, Kolkata 700026, India Phone: 033-2464423


It was Mother Teresa's first home for serving destitute and dying people.  Now this organization has spread world wide. Mother Teressa set up the Missionaries of Charity in 1950. In 1952, their first centre Nirmal Hriday in Kalighat came up - a home for dying destutites, It is open to anyone who needs help and , most significantly, the building has no door.A childeren's home, Shishu bhavan, was opened in 1957 for un-wanted newborn babies. At Titaghar is the home for lepers, where a large number of leprosy patients are attended to by nuns trained especially for this kind of work. Today , there are over more than 600 centres in India and abroad, with more than 10 centres in Kolkata alone.

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