Oriental Pearl TV Tower

International Business Building of Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Zhabei, Shanghai, China, 200070 Phone: Not Available Average Price: US$ 21 per person


Oriental Pearl TV Tower Century Ave, Built in 1994, it is the 3rd tallest tower in the world. Featuring 11 garish pink balls enlightened by the famous Chinese poem Zhu Xiao Zhu Luo Yu Pan which describes the most beautiful sound when the pearls of different size fall on to a jade plate), the tower has become a symbol of the new Shanghai. You can literally step into Shanghai's skies on the the glass floor of outdoor viewing platform of the 2nd ball at 259 m. Walk on a transparent path high above Pudong and the Huangpu River, probably one of the most thrilling adventures of the city, and also an unexpected one: Your elevator will first arrive one floor above the glass floor, a rather conventional observation platform - descend one floor to get to the thrill. The entry to this level will set you back ¥100. The top ball (350 m) costs more. Space City at 90 m can be missed, but Shanghi History Museum offers a glimpse into the past of the city.

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