Paigah Tombs

Santosh Nagar 10 Km from Charminar, Hyderabad, India Phone: Not Available


Paigah Tombs or Maqhbara Shums Ul Umra, are the tombs belonging to the nobility of the Paigah or the Shums ul Umrahi family. They are located in Hyderabad, India, at Pisal banda suburb. This style of architecture is unique to the Paigah tombs. The tombs of several generations of the Paigah nobles include Abul Fatah Khan Shums ul Umra I to shums ul Umra v, Sir Asman Jah, Sir Khursheed Jah, Sir Vicar-ul-Umra, Sultan ul Mulk, Lady Vicar ul Umra, Lady Khurshid Jah, Lady Asman Jah, Moin ud Dowla, Zaheer yar Jung and other members of the Paigah family.

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