Pasar Petisah

Jalan Kota Baru 3


Petisah market is one of the well-known traditional market in the city of Medan . Medan age market is always crowded by the buyer, including by the visitors who come from outside the city of Medan. The travelers usually buy souvenirs to take home.
In this two-story market, visitors can find a wide variety of merchandise, ranging from vegetables, salted fish, to clothing and electronic equipment. Electronic goods, clothing, and furniture are on the top floor, while the seller of vegetables and fruits are in the basement. In this market are also many who sell handicrafts like wooden sculpture of North Sumatra, bracelets, necklaces, woven bags, rings, and woven mats. For kebaya embroidery and occupy the location on the first floor and some are out of the market near the parking lot, so it's pretty easy to reach. The visitors who want to buy kebaya, can directly select the range of models and colors are available. And if you want to make a kebaya designed himself, is also available on-site tailors ready made kebaya accordance with the wishes of the buyer.
In addition, in this market also sold a variety of candied fruit without preservatives, such as candied mango, kedondong, salak, rambutan and guava, so it is an ideal place for lovers of sweets. The interesting thing is around the bottles sweets, lots of infestation of honey bees, as a marker of sweet candied fruit.
One of the features of this market lies in the location in the center of Medan, making it easier for travelers to reach them. In addition, although it looks big markets like malls, after a renovation in 2000, but the feel of traditional market is still very pronounced. In this market, we will find the vendors and shoppers who collided expertise in bid items to be purchased. Activities such bargain prices, either directly or indirectly, foster familiarity between sellers and buyers. Comfort of buyers in this market is also supported by a well-organized market atmosphere and a parking area that is not so chaotic.
Another specialty is visible multicultural market nuances. The seller came from diverse ethnic groups, such as the Tamil-India, China, Padang, Aceh, Batak, Javanese, and Malay. They generally show hospitality to the buyer, so easy to get along with new people. Such a convenient market situation will become unforgettable memories, especially like the people who come from outside the field.

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