Pat Williamson Polo Grounds

120, Deshapran Sasmal Road, Tollygunge , Kolkata Phone: (+91) 33 22174353, (+91) 9831076660


Pat Williamson Polo Grounds holds the distinction of being the oldest active polo club in the world.It all started back then in 1858 when two British soldiers Captain Robert Stewart and Major Gen Joe Sherer witnessed a game called "Sagol Kangjei" being played by locals of Manipur. Both officers were so captivated by the experience that they quickly introduced the game to their peers, and then was established the "Calcutta Polo Club" in the year 1861-62.Thereafter the club created an organized format of the game and set "The first rule book for Modern Polo" . The name 'Polo' also was coined here for the first time by one of the gentlemen playing one fine sunny day at our majestic polo grounds.

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