Haberdashers San Salvador - Venice - Italy Phone: +39 041 5230609


We're in 1857, in Venice, magical city, cradled in mystery, who escapes reality to hide in his dark channels, among countless bridges of Istrian stone, and old buildings are silent witnesses of centuries of history.  was in this climate, the scent of the Orient and spices from afar, to exchange ideas and peoples forests, which haberdashery in the prestigious San Marco Salvadori was born.  Initially only clockwork, then, thanks to the passion and in a sense even to the vocation for stones precious Gabriele Hangers, Salvadori becomes a tangible expression of high and sophisticated jewelry.  Associate of the most important stock exchanges of the world's diamonds, that's where Gabriel went Hangers, later also with his wife Carla (who will become responsible for 'designer' of all creations Salvadori), for the purchase of selected diamonds.  Likewise regarding emeralds, sapphires and rubies, acquired respectively in Colombia and Thailand. 

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