Sao Paulo Zoological Park

Av. Miguel Estéfano, 4241, Água Funda, São Paulo - SP, 04301-905, Brazil Phone: +55 11 5073-0811


Located next to the Água Funda neighborhood, this park is similar to a forest located in the middle of a city.  A green reserve and a zoo where conservationists breed endangered species like the tamarin lions and the lot, it is 15 hectares big. Truly alluring to visitors is the park's forest scenery while the zoo is like a natural habitat to almost 3,000 animals like the hippopotamus and camels.  Since 1958, the Park Foundation São Paulo Zoo Entertainment provides, conducts research and works for the conservation of the species kept in captivity, besides raising the environmental awareness of the population through its three units: Zoo,  Zoo Safari  and  Rural Production Division .

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