Solitary Beauty Peak

Phone: ☎ (0773) 280 3149


Solitary Beauty Peak (独秀峰), (take a taxi or bus 1 or 2 from the Guilin Railway Station, both buses drop passengers off at the western entrance of the peak area), ☎ (0773) 280 3149. 8AM-5PM. Rises dramatically above the center of Guilin and offers spectacular views of the city and surrounding countryside. As with so many peaks and rocky upthrusts in and around Guilin, centuries of visits have led to the creation of a carved stairway leading to the summit. The pathway starts at Wang Cheng, the Ming Dynasty palace in the center of town, now home to the campus of Guangxi Normal University and also the site of nightly performances by local ethnic minorities. Only the city walls and some of the foundation of the original buildings are left, the buildings themselves are all recent. Â¥70.  

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