Spoil Lounge

70, Road No. 1, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, 500033 Phone: (+91) 40 64513333, (+91) 40 64514444, (+91) 8790155588, (+91) 9000774423 Average Price: $ 14 per person


Spoil offers a picturesque view of the night lights of Hyderabad. The pub has the plush, luxe ambience associated with lounge bars, silver grey hued soft leather sofas, muted lighting and surrounded by glass windows. There is also a makeshift dance floor, since the flooring of the lounge is wooden. The music played is unobtrusive, global, soothing and exotic at the same time, providing the much sought after unwinding experience. While music played at Lounge is usually lounge. On Wednesdays, when its ladies nights, they play house and hip hop, on Fridays when its Desi Nights, the music played is Bollywood, and on Saturdays or Club Nites, there is commercial music while Sundays are Retro Nites, and so time for retro music.

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