Srirangapatnam Fort

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Srirangapatna was the historic capital of  Tippu Sultan  known for his struggle against British rule. Several monuments relating to his rule are sprinkled across the island. Srirangapatna  a place with Ancient and Chequered History is an Island Fortress Town on the banks of river Cauvery. The Temples, Palaces, Tombs, Military warehouses, Cenotaphs, natural landscaped locations and above all its 3-layer fort wall with bastions Are mute witnesses for a bygone era of glorious days. This is also a Place most sought after by ardent historians, pilgrims, professionals and tourists. The place which witnessed and Tippu Sulthan. The place, which brought our early, reforms in the field of business and social life. The place which took a lead in introducing the early inventions or rocket technology. Ultimately the place which has prominently carved a niche in the World Map of Tourism.

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