Tablelands, Waterfalls, and Spanish Castle

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This rainforest scenic tour is the perfect way to experience the rainforest of Cairns and all the wonderful secrets hidden inside! Your bus will pick you up at approximately 7:30am from your Cairns and Cairns Beaches accommodation and your trek into the rainforest will begin. Enjoy a scenic drive up the winding Gillies Range; as you weave in and out of a tropical canopy covered road, watch as the landscape slowly turns from an arid gumtree forest to a dense abundant rainforest. At the top of the Gillies Range you will arrive at Lake Barrine, located on the famous Cairns Tablelands. Enjoy a Devonshire tea overlooking this charming volcanic Crater Lake before you board your informative wildlife cruise. While on your rainforest wildlife cruise, see plants and animals unique to the Cairns Tablelands area such as Kauri Pine trees, Amethystine Pythons, Eastern Water Dragons, Saw-shelled Turtles and Musky Rat-kangaroos.

From Lake Barrine, re-board the bus — it is time to visit the famed Curtain Fig Tree. The Curtain Fig Tree is a Strangler Fig and is an unusual and fascinating display of natural strength and domination.

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