Tibetan Market

Tibetan Market ,Calangute, GA 403516


Goa isn't complete till you take back a souvenir of your memorable sojourn in this magni cent coastal town. The Tibetan markets at Baga and Calangute are here just to make this task easy for you. Just like their noisier counterparts - the night markets - the Tibetan handicraft markets can get you good deals provided you know how to bargain.

The sight of japmalas and Buddhist prayer  ags give you quite a pleasant welcome to the Tibetan market. Spread over a fairly large area, the market is usually not crowded which makes it comforting to wander around and shop at peace. The stalls are owned by Tibetan refugees who silently and patiently watch you check out the items on display without troubling you much or forcing you to buy. TheTibetan marketis quite a hit as it has a variety of the 'junk' stuff. Art pieces, tee-shirts, silver artifacts, imitation jewellery, precious stones with healing powers, beautiful wall hangings, CDs with Goa Trance, woolen shawls are just some of the things that you will  nd here. The details on the silverware are quite intricate and they don't fail to impress you. Art pieces, most of them which include statues of Buddha, are equally appealing. Some products having sonorous characteristics boast of spiritual healing.

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