Umiam Lake

Umiam Lake, Umroi, Ri Bhoi District, Meghalaya


Umiam Lake is also known as Barapani or Big Water and is a scenic place tucked away amidst the hills of Meghalaya, around 15 Km from Shillong. The origin of Umiam Lake in 1965 due to the Umiam Umtru Hydro Electric Power Project roughly coincides with the birth of the State of Meghalaya in 1972. The lake, spread over an area of 10 square km, has the distinction of being primarily an artificial reservoir for the first hydel project in the Northeast. The confluence of the two streams Umkhrah and Umshvrpi form the Wah Ro-ro stream in the north-west of the town and joins River Umiam, the main source of water for the lake. The principal catchment area of the lake and dam is spread over 220 square km, which includes Shillong and its adjoining areas, besides a portion of Ri Bhoi district. 

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