Top Places to Visit

Linnaeus Garden & Museum

Svartbäcksgatan 27 , Uppsala

You don't have to be a botanist to pay a visit to the house and gardens of Uppsala's most famous son. (Forgive us, Ingmar Bergman.) Swedish botanist Carl von ... more

Gamla Uppsala

Gamla Uppsala

Gamla Uppsala (Old Uppsala), Tel. +46 18 16 91 00, [17] is the home of several pre-Viking, pre-historic burial mounds. There is also an old church and the open-... more

Uppsala Castle

Uppsala Castle

Uppsala Castle, (Uppsala Slott) Tel. +46 18 54 48 11, [12]. Uppsala's other huge landmark is stocked with large halls and paintings, as well as older remnants ... more

Museum Gustavianum

Akademigatan 3 , Uppsala

Across from the cathedral stands the best of this university city's museums and Uppsala University's oldest preserved building. It even houses one of only seven... more

Carolina Rediviva

Carolina Rediviva

Dag Hammarskjölds väg 1 , Uppsala
Phone: ☎ +46 18 4713900

Carolina Rediviva, Dag Hammarskjölds väg 1, ☎ +46 18 4713900 (carolinabibl@ub.uu.se). M-F, 8:30AM-9PM, Sa 9AM-6PM. The Uppsala University library and an ... more

Top Shopping Places



Saluhallen, Vattugränd, 753 10 Uppsala, Sweden

Saluhallen, S:t Eriks Torg 8. A fashionable market hall with various types of expensive, highly qualitative food and drinks in various shops. There are also ...

Gränby Centrum

Gränby Centrum

Gränby, Uppsala, Sweden

Gränby Centrum, Marknadsgatan, [29]. The biggest mall in Uppsala. It has 85 shops, 4 restaurants, 3 cafés and is located 3 kilometers (1.2 miles) east of the ...


Boländerna, Uppsala, Sweden

Boländerna, Rapsgatan. The biggest district for buying "not everyday stuff" (electronics, furniture, cheap bikes) in Uppsala. This is where you find the second ... more

Galleria Dragarbrunn

Galleria Dragarbrunn

Uppsala, Sweden

Galleria Dragarbrunn, Dragarbrunnsgatan 24, [30]. A brand-new small mall located in the city. It is a fashionable mall with mostly expensive brands.

Top Places for Nightlife


O´Connor´s, Stora Torget 1, Tel: +46 18 14 40 10. Opened in 1993, this "Irish" bar and restaurant is Syrian owned and run. This place has a great selection of ... more

Katalin And All That Jazz

Östra Station , Uppsala

Katalin and All That Jazz is all about great music and captivating concerts. Tap your feet or groove to the pulsating music and your worries will surely fade ... more


Buddy's, Dragarbrunnsgatan 53, Tel: +46 18 10 70 70 (E-mail: info@buddysirishpub.com), [49]. An authentic Irish pub opened in 2007. The owner, Buddy Mooney, is ... more


Ekocaféet, Drottninggatan 5. All-organic café which finds a good balance between trendy and relaxed. Also serves wine and beer.

Café Ofvandahls

Café Ofvandahls, Sysslomansgatan 5. A traditional old cafe with old roots and atmosphere. They sometimes have poetry slam contests and other poetry readings, ...

Birger Jarl

Birger Jarl

Nedre Slottsgatan 3 , Uppsala
Phone: fax: +46 18 13 00 12

Birger Jarl (BJ), Nedre Slottsgatan 3, ☎ +46 18 13 50 00 (fax: +46 18 13 00 12), [50]. F-Sa 9PM-3AM. BJ definitely caters to the young and the flashy; if you're... more

Top Activity Places


Uppsala, Sweden

Kulturnatten (Culture Night) [22]. On the second Saturday of September every year, most people working in culture in Uppsala show their talents downtown to ...


Bandygatan, 745 38 Enköping, Sweden , Uppsala

In the winter, the traditional Swedish sport of bandy, like field hockey played on ice, is played at Studenternas Idrottsplats just south of the City Gardens. ... more


Uppsala, Sweden

Attend the Valborg celebrations, held on the last of April every year. [23] [24]. During the day, tens of thousands of people are out on the streets and parks. ... more


Uppsala, Sweden

Go on a boat-trip [25] on the river Fyrisån that takes you to the lake Ekoln, a part of Mälaren. Continue to the castle Skokloster.