Visit to Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

Chorao Island, Panaji, India Phone: 08322239141 Average Price: US$ 1 per person


Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is one of the beautiful bird sanctuaries in Goa. Different types of local birds and migratory birds gather in this place.Salim Ali bird sanctuary is rich in both flora and fauna. It is fully bounded with mangroves shrubs. All places in the sanctuary are fully bounded with abundant greeneries. It holds many different types of bird's variety in it. Some of the rare varieties of birds seen in this sanctuary are woodpeckers, egrets, redshank, curlews, kingfishers, eagles, redshank, herons, kites, sandpipers, hoopoe, and Myna. Few animals are also seen in the sanctuary like jackals, crocodiles, foxes, and some water animals like fish, prawn, shrimps, mudskipper, and small crabs. It holds more than 400 different types of bird's variety in it.
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