Wan Ling Plaza

JieFangNanLu 39Hao WanLingGuangChang Nei ( Jin Yi De Lu ), Guangzhou, China Phone: 020-83281328


At first glance, it looks like a regular shopping mall with a ton of small shops sellling various knick knacks.   Apparently store and boutique owners go there from all over the world go here to buy their products wholesale. They sell everything from arts and crafts, collectibles of all types, jewelery, toys, games, sporting goods, any type of keychain you can think of and tons of different gift items. Each small shop usually only sells one type of item, for example just tea sets or just hair accessories. However, they will have an enormous selection and variety of that type of item. You can find 20 types of the same item when regular stores only carry 3-4.

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