Wat Pho

Maharat Road, Phra Nakorn District, Bangkok Phone: 66 2225 9595, 2226 1743, 2222 5910 Average Price: US$ 3 per person www.watpho.com/


Wat Pho is  known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. The image of the reclining Buddha is huge. The temple is also known as the birthplace of traditional  Thai massage.Wat Pho is one of the largest and oldest  wats  in Bangko and is home to more than one thousand  Buddha images , as well as one of the largest single Buddha images of 160 ft length. Buddha image from  Ayuthaya 's Wat Phra Si Sanphet was destroyed by the Burmese in 1767, King  Rama incorporated its fragments to build a temple to enlarge and renovate the complex.
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