Best cheap eats in town in Florence

Here's a list of Best cheap eats in town in Florence recommended by our experts:

Rosticceria Gallo Bianco

Via Antonio Scialoja, 4/r, 50136 Florence, Italy
Phone: +39 055 247 6289

Food was fresh, tasty, and well prepared. You need to order rice separately, and ask for soy sauce, etc. if desired. A filling, good quality meal for less than ...

Casa Del Vino

Via dell'Ariento, 50123 Florence, Italy
Phone: +39 055 215609

Opened in 1880 as a bottle seller, this is the oldest winery in the city and sells mostly local wines and rare cognacs. Visitors here can taste excellent wines... more

Da Mario

Via Carlo Felice, 59/61 | San Giovanni, Rome, Italy , Florence

This is down-and-dirty Florentine lunchtime at its best, an osteria so basic the little stools don't have backs and a communal spirit so entrenched the ... more

Il Vinaino

Via Palazzuolo 124r, Florence, Italy
Phone: 055292287

We have two dinner's in this lovelly restaurant. The food was really great! It's a small but verry nice restaurant, with warm and nice people, who cares about ... more


Via dei Benci, 53, 50122 Florence, Italy
Phone: 055 263 8611

As if a perfectly muddled cocktail isn't enough, Oibò offers Mediterranean influenced appetizers and a lounge vibe, that keeps a chic crowd coming back for more... more

Trattoria La Casalinga

Via dè Michelozzi, 9R, 50125 Florence, Italy
Phone: +39 055 218624

Their recent expansion sadly removed the last wisps of Renaissance aura from La Casalinga, replacing it with a crowded, almost cafeteria-like feeling -- but the... more


Piazza del Mercato Centrale, 12-red, 50123 Florence, Italy

Forge your way past cheese, meat and sausage stalls in Florence's Mercato Centrale to join the lunchtime queue at Nerbone, in the biz since 1872. Go local and ... more


Via Pisana, 2/r, 50143 Florence, Italy
Phone: +39 055 225955

this place is a mostly local, slightly off the beaten path and rustic. small plates of good food. the menu was a bit difficult and the waiter didn't speak the ... more

Da Vinattieri

Via Santa Margherita, Florence, Italy
Phone: 39 055 294703

Nothing attests to quality quite like the willingness of customers to balance on disarrayed wooden stools under a damp archway. For only €3.50, you can watch ... more

China Town

Via Vecchietti 6/8/10/r, Florence, Italy
Phone: +39 055 294470

The restaurant's Chinatown is one of the first Chinese restaurants in the historic center of Florence, near the Duomo and the train station. His staff is fully ... more