Best Golf Courses to play in Barcelona

Here's a list of Best Golf Courses to play in Barcelona recommended by our experts:

Montanya Golf Course

Masia L´Estanyol, s/n El Brull 8553 Barcelona
Phone: +34 938 840-170

Montanyà Golf Club is a place of great beauty. Due to it's proximity, the course has an intimate relationship with the Montseny natural park. Montanyà Golf ... more

$ 74 average cost

El Prat Golf Course

Plans de Bonvilar, 17, 08227 Terrassa, Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
Phone: +34 937 28 10 00

Their accessibility made him a reference, especially for the youth of Barcelona, whose fondness for golf enable the emergence of excellent players. In the four ... more

$ 65 average cost

Terramar Golf Course

Carretera del golf, s/n, 08870 Sitges, Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
Phone: +34 938 94 05 80

Terramar Golf Club is one of the best private golf clubs in Spain since its opening, in 1927, is located in the town of Sitges (Barcelona) to the Mediterranean ... more

$ 86 average cost

Llavaneras Golf Course

Camino del Golf, s/n San Andres de Llavaneras 08392 Barcelona
Phone: +34 (937) 926-050

Llavaneras Golf Club, founded in 1945 and located 34 km. the center of Barcelona, is a family club and welcoming character, whose priority is to achieve ... more

$ 56 average cost

Vallromanes Golf Course

Afueras, s/n Vallromanes 08188 Barcelona
Phone: +34 (935) 729-064

This course has huge greens and is divided into two very different parts. The first 9 holes run along the flat part of a valley, while the remaining 9 are set ... more

$ 29 average cost

Caldes International Golf Course

Camí Antic de Caldes, 08140 Caldes de Montbui, Barcelona, Spain
Phone: +34 938 62 62 65

A golf course with all the constraints of ecological field. To enjoy and that both partners, visitors and people can feel proud Caldes. Enjoy all the benefits ... more

$ 51 average cost

Montanya Golf Course

Masia L´Estanyol, s/n El Brull 8553 Barcelona
Phone: +34 (938) 840-170

This course has views of the Pyrenees Mountains and is over 6,000 metres long. The first nine holes are very different from the last, both in technical terms ... more

$ 74 average cost