Great things to do with your kids in Venice

Here's a list of Great things to do with your kids in Venice recommended by our experts:

Free Tour Venice

S. Marco, 180, 30133 Venice, Italy
Phone: +393345072515

Historically, the first free tour in Venice. With the best guides with open hearts who are willing to show you the real city and give you great tips about where... more

Doges Palace Tour

The regular tour of the Doge's Palace (the Palazzo Ducale) in Venice is extraordinary enough. The building is a quite remarkable example of Gothic civic ... more

Venice Urban Adventures

Cannaregio, 30121 Venice, Italy
Phone: + 39 348 980 8566

the skin of the city you're visiting - so you know it like a local! In fact many of our travellers are locals - seeing their own city in a different way!

Heliair Venice

Aeroporto Lido G. NICELLI, 30126 Venezia, Italy , Venice
Phone: +39 041 526 0215

Heliair Venice, in partnership with Save spa - the company that managesMarco Polo Airport - is the only tourist helicopter operator in Venice. We offer a ... more

Seawings Venice

Via Della Brenta Vecchia 33 | Venezia, 30171 Venice, Italy
Phone: +97148832999

Seawings Venice by seaplane will take you on a magical flight over the Venetian Lagoon and its surrounding islands.

Venice Kayak

Isola della Certosa, Venezia, Italy , Venice
Phone: +39 346 477 1327

Venice Kayak offers a variety of kayaking tours in and around Venice: full day and half day trips through Venice, in a group or as a private tour; amazing ... more

Row Venice

30121 Venice, Italy
Phone: +39 347 725 0637

the opportunity to try the voga alla veneta the unique, stand-up rowing style developed to traverse the city and its lagoon, and made iconic by the gondoliers ... more

$ 30 average cost

Venice Gardens Tour

Venice, Italy

In Venice gardens are by definition private places. The Venetian garden, like many another bordered and contained space, is a site for theater, grace, secrecy, ... more