Boat ride in paradise beach

Chunnambar, Cuddalore Main Road | 8 Km away from Town, Pondicherry, India


If sitting on the beach-front is your idea of relaxing, then Paradise Beach is the perfect location for you. Located 8 km from Pondicherry, you can reach here through a house boat or a river cruise. The beach with shining golden sands is ideal for adventurous and exciting water sports which are hard to miss. If you just want to lay on a sun-bed and relax, this beach will be at your service without a moment's thought. The beach is lined with swanky, upscale resorts and several boat cruises. Even though it is crowded at times, you can always take a quiet, secluded walk and experience a blissful retreat from the usual madness of a regular city life. Add a zing to your vacation in Pondicherry.

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