Fishing in Chunnambar Beach

Chunnambar Beach pondicherry


Chunnambar is one place where tourists can go rowing, trekking, fishing and have loads of fun. The place doesn't lack anything when it comes to scenic beauty and   pristine sandy expanse of beach.  In fact Chunnambar is a place where you can go for downstream sailing to the sands and set up your tents.  The shore of Chunnambar Backwater is a perfect picnic spot where mixture of fun, sports, calm, romance and beauty prevail. You can go for swimming or rowing boat. Not only this, while staying on a tree house you can watch the beautiful scene of sunrise. you can organize a picnic at the beach and play beach volleyball. If you are a true adventure enthusiast then you can try your hands at trekking as well. Otherwise, you can also take delight in fishing. 

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