Macau Wine Museum

Rua Luis Gonzago Gomes, Macau, China Phone: 853 7984 188


Macau Wine Museum first opened to tourists on the Christmas Day in 1995. The museum is divided into three sections: history of wine production section, wine collection section, and wine exhibition section.

Walking into the Wine Museum, you will first find an oxcart carrying grapes and porcelain painting with grape garden and grape wine as its theme. At the back of the museum extends a corridor for exhibiting the history of vintage. Here lays various wares on the culture and development of wine vintage, ancient juice-squeezing devices, and different utensils of various shapes for containing wine. All display the history of grape planting and wine making of Ibérian Peninsula, especially that of Portugal countries.

After the corridor, tourists will find a wine cellar. That is the second section of the museum, the section of wine collection and exhibition. There are over 1100 brands of wine, over 700 of which are for sale and the left are the collection for show. Among all the collected brands, the most ancient is Boertu of 1815. You will also find many brands of Chinese mainland exhibited here.

Besides, the Wine Museum also exhibits different folk clothes in various places of Portugal. At the same time, the museum also provides delicious wine for adults. Tourists here can enjoy the delicious wine while visiting the museum.

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