Nebozízek (Nebozízek)

Petřínské sady 411 Praha 1 - Malá Strana Phone: 257 315 329 Features: After Hours, Reservation, Business Dining, Late Night, Outdoor Dining, Special Occasion, Dinner, Lunch


Nebozízek | This building is located in a place where there was a vineyard named Na Nebozezu as early as in the medieval times. This name was used in the 15th century as well, probably due to the path winding zigzag just like a gimlet (“nebozez”) towards the top of the Petřín Hill. In 1677, the vineyard was purchased by Karel Maxmilián Lažanský and he built here an object with two side wings and an elevated central part. In 1809, the house was purchased by a wholesaler and book printer Bohumil Haas, renamed it to Haasenburg, and established a sight-seeing restaurant here. Haasenburg burnt down in 1843, and it was restored in a great detail afterwards. The Capital City of Prague, which owned the place after 1882, gave it back the original name Nebozízek. Gustav Fiedle was the first to rent the restaurant in 1883, as he already owned a café in today’s Národní Avenue. The restaurant was permanently unprofitable, due to its distant location, yet this problem was resolved by the construction of the cable way in 1891. Nebozízek was a popular people’s restaurant for years.In 1965, however, there was an extensive landslip on the Petřín slope, and so Nebozízek had to close due to emergency conditions in 1967. In 1984, the Club for the Old Prague put through the idea of renewing it. The building could not be restored due to very bad condition, and so it had to be demolished and a new one was built in its place as a replica of the original historical object according to a project of Petr Feyrer. Only the cellars and a torso of a Baroque staircase were preserved from the original Nebozízek; everything else is new. There is a wine-room here, a terrace with a line of pergolas, separating the individual places, a summer bar, and an in-built pavilion in the middle. There is also a lounge for special occasions. The terraced garden is accessible from the mezzanine. On the second floor, there are two separate apartments.

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