Safari World & Marine Park

99 Panyaintra Road,Samwatawantok,Klongsamwa, Bangkok 10510, Thailand Phone: +66 2 914 4100


Safari Park is about 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) long. A drive through the park takes about 45 minute.The ultimate safari experience features hundreds of animals from all over the world. There are a lot of wild animals, including tigers and lions. There are daily tiger and lion feeding shows.Safari park, then drive through the scenic safari park Presents a Unique opportunity for the closest encounter with the rare andendangered srecies of wild animal kingdom. The Marine Park houses a vast spectrum of animal of land, sea and air. The attractions are Jungle Cruise river ride,a water flume ride through the jungle of Africa and Asia, 7 exciting show daily Spy War action stunt spectacular, water ski, dolphin, Hollywood cowboy stunt, bird, orang utan boxing and sea lion, hundreds of exhibits featuring white tigers, fantasy carp garden, tapir kingdom,crocodile garden and many others. Marine Park , housing a spectrum of animal from land , sea and air and setting the scenes for 7 Amazing World class shows . From live action stunt spectacular to performances by animal.

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