San Sebastian

Top Places to Eat

Cafe Saigon

Cafe Saigon

Hotel María Cristina , San Sebastian

Located in the highly classy Hotel María Cristina, Cafe Saigon offers diners in Spain a different experience with authentic Vietnamese food. Savor flavors of ... more

Goiz Argi

Goiz Argi

San Sebastián, Gipuzkoa, Spain , San Sebastian

Goiz Argi Fermín Calbetón, Parte Vieja. Pintxos bar with the delicious brocheta de gambas (fried prawns with a special vinaigrette), bola de carne (meat ball ... more



C/ CORTA / LABURRA KALEA, 10 , San Sebastian

Be sure to make a booking in advance. It´s a small place with a few tables, at the end of a pedestrian no end street in Gros neighborhood, by the train station... more



Boulevard 22 , San Sebastian

Garagar, Boulevard 22. Quite a touristy place. Terrace has a surcharge, indoor is stifling and too dark for a breakfast. €8 for omelet+toast w/ham+fresh orange ...

Top Shopping Places


Narrika 23 / Iñigo 4 , San Sebastian
Phone: ☎ +34 943 424 567

Dam, Narrika 23 / Iñigo 4, ☎ +34 943 424 567.  



Calle Mayor 5 , San Sebastian

Pukas was a brilliant idea conceived by a bunch of surf lovers who designed and constructed surfboards when this sport was still almost unknown in Spain. ... more


C/Reyes Catolicos,10 , San Sebastian
Phone: ☎ 943 465064

Darlington, C/Reyes Catolicos,10, ☎ 943 465064, [23]. 10:30AM-1:30PM, 5PM-10PM. Original Spanish designer accessories at affordable prices.  


Barrio de Ventas, 40 - Centro Comercial Txingudi, 20305 , San Sebastian

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Top Places for Nightlife


1 Calle de Sánchez Toca , San Sebastian

This is a cocktail bar located in a lively area called Reyes Católicos. Although it's not strictly gay, this is a gay-friendly establishment. It has a rather ... more


7 Calle del Puerto , San Sebastian

This basement is one of the liveliest venues in the city and an ideal place to go after around one in the morning. Plenty of space, loud and lively music, ... more

Sports Café

Plaza Julio Caro Baroja 1 , San Sebastian

Located at a few hundred meters away from the University campus of Ibaeta, Sports Café is an ideal hang out zone for sports enthusiasts. Its walls are decorated... more


Calle de Mari 19 , San Sebastian

San Sebastian is known for its rainy weather, but also for its beaches. How can you get the best of both By selecting a bar like Akerbeltz, where you can take ... more

Tas Tas

Calle de Fermín Calbetón 35 , San Sebastian

Tas Tas nightclub is actually a tiny bar and although small, it has a great atmosphere with helpful and polite working staff. It is frequented by tourists, ... more

Bar Mendaur

Fermín Calbetón , San Sebastian

Even in the winter, Mendaur is always full of people dancing all night. The bar is small and sometimes cramped, but the selection of American pop and rock ... more

Top Activity Places

Isla De Santa Clara

Isla De Santa Clara

Calle de la Reina Regente , San Sebastian

This island is situated in the middle of the bay between Monte Igeldo and Monte Urgull. It did not always look as it does today, as throughout the city's ... more

Monte Urgull

Monte Urgull

14 Paseo Muelle , San Sebastian

Behind the Parte Vieja, Monte Urgull looms, showing off a Christ statue in the style of the Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro. At the top of the mountain is Mota ... more

Palacio De Miramar

Palacio De Miramar

48 Paseo de Miraconcha , San Sebastian

The former name of this palace was "Real Casa de Campo de Miramar" (Royal Miramar Country House). It was built by Queen María Cristina upon the old site of the ... more

La Concha

San Sebastián, Gipuzkoa, Spain , San Sebastian

La Concha, on the west side is the larger, is protected from the sea and has an island and boats in the bay. Ondarreta is in the same bay as La Concha, but ... more

Parque Recreativo La Bretxa

3 Alameda del Boulevard , San Sebastian

This is an amusement arcade for children from 6-14, who can spend an enjoyable afternoon or evening playing slot-machines, bowling, playing table football and ... more