Villa dei Quintili

00178 Roma, via Appia Antica 290 Phone: ☎ 06 39967700


 The wealthy, cultured and militarily gifted Quintili brothers - consuls under Emperor Marcus Aurelius - built this splendid villa with a large bath complex and nymphaeum before Emperor Commodus became jealous and had them killed. He then took over the villa for himself, and essentially ruled from here.Digs in the 18th and 19th centuries unearthed statuary and objects now in the Vatican Museums and others around the world. Recent excavations have brought more rooms to light; the nymphaeum, which has been under restoration, was due to reopen as this guide went to press. The rest of the vast structure is set in splendid isolation amid fields strewn with fragments of the many-coloured marble that once faced its mighty halls.

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