Wenceslas Square Václavské náměsti

Václavské náměstí, 110 00 Praha, Czech Republic


Along with Charles Bridge, Old Town Square and Prague Castle, Wenceslas Square is a must see stop in Prague. The heart of Nové Město´, or 'New Town'** this impressive square was the sight of many significant events in world history including the 1989 Velvet Revolution when a group of students marched on the square, got their 'fair share of abuse¨and ultimately overthrew the communist regime which oppressed them for over 40 years. More recently, people shop, eat, take photos and meet 'under the horse's arse' at the top of the square. They also buy crappy souvenirs, get drunk, stumble from pub to pub and fend off Nigerians pushing visits to 'cabarets', code for brothels just steps from the square. Whatever you do, just don't eat from the Klobasa Stands! Those are not velvet, but they are revolting! ** There is nothing 'new' about it, really. Although Old Town Square is appropriately named, New Town is not, as it was founded over 800 years ago. How pessimistic, or even apocalyptic does a society have to be to name a town that Did they really think the world would end before that name got dated

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