Akash review by Rashmita Keswani

On 11 May 2018
Will Recommend to Others
Overall the trip went smooth and nice but the driver who came for pickup during desert safari was purely a disgusting man.. he was continuously making fun of us on our clothing and body shaming. Even after giving him warning he didn’t bother to stop. I am not sure how far you guys are going to take action against him but that driver was behaving very cheap. Can’t expect a driver to behave like this with his customers. This was the only bitter experience we went through.
I must tell you guys really did some fantastic job and everything was arranged right on time.
PS: please keep the customer updated about the new place they are traveling to. For everything I had to follow up instead of you guys coordinating with me. Plz ensure the customer has all the doubts cleared before starting the trip. Thank you!!
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