Rucha Umrotkar review by Pankaj Bansal

On 24 September 2016
Will Recommend to Others
To Write a review you need good or bad Words. But if words are insufficient only your subjective feelings expressed in plain words mean a lot.

This was my first Travel with Trip Factory, and I will give it FIVE STARS.

I have traveled with Yatra & Make My Trip, Thomas Cook etc. It was very exhausting to wait till last few days to get confirmation of your tour Itinerary & Programme. (though the payments were made well in advance)

It was for the first time that the time that I paid the 25% advance the travel Tickets were with me in less than a minute. This gives confidence. The rest management of payments and vouchers was also upto the mark.

As far as support on tour was concerned the same was provided by local assigned agent whose behavior & help was good. I would really appreciate Mt Abdul Mazid who was their local co-ordinator, who was always at service

People who were taking care of tour were very helpful. No cheating either.

Lastly Andaman was beautiful, and more people should venture for Andaman


You need to Cancel/ Decrease penalty clause in final payments.

Phonetic help needs to be more easy.
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