Manju V review by Siraj Hussain Balsania

On 13 March 2017
My trip was good.The driver was good and tripfactory was calling me regularly for the update of my trip.But there are few concern about tripfactory.My travel expert Manju.V did not replied to my email once I booked the trip.I used to mail her same thing 20 times then she use to reply me once only.I told Tripfactory operation department that my travel expert manju is not replying to my email and they would not response to that email and dis not changed my travel expert. My travel expert Manju .V did not called me during the trip that if we are facing any issue or not. Apart from this I booked the hotel in ooty which is 15km away from ooty so everytime we have to travel 15 km to reach ooty from hotel.My expert did not advice me that the hotel is far from centre of ooty.Everything was good but my travel expert was careless and tripfactory did not change my travel expert inspite saying that she is not replying to my email.
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