Padma C review by Navin Kishore

On 26 January 2018
Will Recommend to Others
Thanks to Tripfactory, we had a great time on our family trip to Singapore, the hotels were excellent and the scheduling was top notch, the pick up's and drops were prompt and on time except for one Mr.Wong who kinda ruined it on the last day, it was customary for all pick up person's to intimate us a few minutes before arriving for the pick up and ask us to wait at the lobby but Mr.Wong has his own rules, he arrived at the hotel and waited while unaware we were waiting in the rooms and trying the emergency contact number which were not responding and Mr.Wong contacted through the hotel and left without picking us up after we came down and not before creating a scene.I suggest tripfactory think twice before deputing him for pick up especially for Indian clients, also make sure your emergency numbers do respond when they get a call, we did not face any emergecy as such but called for some information while in sentosa and got a call back 3 hrs later but the staff at the hotel more than made up for it. That apart it was a superbly managed tour and have to make a special mention of Ms.Padma, she's been unbelievably helpful and accessible when we needed her while co-ordinating every aspect of our trip and she will be one of the reasons for us to opt for tripfactory the next time. Everything said, it'll be a 5/5 for Ms.Padma and tripfactory
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