Imran Khan review by N.balasubramanian

On 09 August 2017
Will Recommend to Others
As it was my first time trip through such tour operator's , I faced certain inhibitions / mismatches in the arrangement , and as we continued with the tour , things/tensions have eased out . We found the tour quite interesting , well arranged .
The disappointments :
1. The pick up driver details were always left to guess . All may not have taken SIM Card for communication purpose , but everybody for sure would have smart phones with Whatsapp and all hotel rooms are WiFi enabled. So the local tour operator's should be guided to send out the pick driver's details - name / phone number / time of pick up / Vehicle number -through Whatsapp one day in advance so that customer is quite sure of not missing the pick up vehicle .
2. The tour pick up drivers , after dropping the customers at one spot , do not return to pick up point again at the stipulated time . This frustrates the customer as he is no way to reach the driver .This compels the customers to search for the vehicle in the nearby parking lot , at the risk of missing the vehicle.
3. Most of the customers , have been issued the entry tickets for various entertainments but at the sametime , all the other available entertainments and its entry ticket details should have been informed to the customers before hand , so that the customers can come prepared with the money , as well as plan what other items of their own can be managed within the stipulated time .
4.For me particularly since the departure from Singapore was preponed by several hours due to rescheduling of the flight timings , the last day program/shopping is disturbed and the 7th ' DAY ' as per tour program advertisement has been reduced to NIL , which is a loss for us ( though the amount has been taken in full including the 7th day ) . So in future to avoid such eventualities , the flight timings if it is rescheduled then the revised flight should be later than the earlier timings so that the customer is in advantageous position .
5.For Senior Citizens ( like us ) it is better to avoid kiddish programs and an option should be given before hand so that they can select the sight seeing spots themselves .

Thanks anyway for the good arrangement.
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