Sharang Kamat/B2C/SIN/DPS/BD/B1/20-24APR review by Alok Garg

On 28 December 2023
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Trip is over and we 04 travel together are back. During interaction with Advisor, I had shared my concern on working of TripFactory as a company in Hospitality/ Travel Service sector were shared. I am writing these points so that working can be improved and efficiency brought in the system.
1) Too much system driven approach was observed which in India in Service sector is not resorted. Trip Advisors are puppets for maximising for company by extracting as much as possible from the Client/ passenger/ Stake holder in the venture of trip.
2) Trip customisation done but at unseasonably high cost.
3) The total amount agreed with Trip Advisor if different than Total cost recorded by System then Advisor can assure you of final cost as agreed but system will show higher cost and payment schedule. Then final joke, ever after releasing advances and interim payments it is shocking to get Gentle Reminder (or one can call extortion reminder) showing payment due and funding charges @1% per Day and then weekly charges added. The Advisor shows his helplessness and humbly says NO FINANCING CHARGES will be levied in Final invoice. This is like Money Lenders threatening loan seekers. THIS IS NOT EXPECTED IF COMPANY IS TO PERFORM IN INDIA & with Senior persons of repute.
4) Even after providing the PAN CARD, PASSPORT Copy & Snap soft copy (tickets & hotel vouchers with TripFactory) we kept on getting reminder from Trip CARE as well as VISA section to fill the data of passengers online else they will not process the visa or documents to IT authorities. We replied to mail reminder that it should be done by your persons as all data with company but System will acknowledge the mail but next day again send the reminder mail without replying to your mail. Ultimately we had to fill in the online format & submit which could have been easily done by your staff. Vietnam visa was extended a day before departure but Bali online visa on arrival was left to customer to take care. Finally it was told that from India it can’t be done so take on arrival @US$25 each in cash. Although in 05 minutes on Indonesia web site I could apply and got visa with online payment. To keep the customers at ease (even if The cost of visa not included in package) the same should have been processed and cost demanded from us.

To conclude: The above points to be kept in view as a process of improvement and bring flexibility in dealing with human touch. The interacting with Teams on Telegram group was excellent, dealing persons cooperative and smooth flow of tours, guides & transport was there without interruption in same. The Hotels & facilities therein provided started on down side/ reducing from first hotel at Bali then Ho Cho Minh then Danang (no running restaurent in so called 4* hotel) & finally Hanoi. Actually the Hotels have also extended worse of their room (size & room layout in Hotel) for booking coming from Agents being prepaid and bargain prices which is to be taken care of by ground verification team. Overall Experience I would rate VERY GOOD against OUTSTANDING (which can be achieved by Trip Factory with little efforts & no additional cost to company/ customer).

Would appreciate action taken / feed back on my remarks which are for improvement.
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