Neha Rana - B2C - IXC review by Ritu Bhardwaj

On 31 December 2019
Will Recommend to Others
We planned our Dubai trip just 2-3 days before our scheduled flight bookings. Trip Factory spoc( Neha) was patient enough to revise our itinery request for 7 times and tailor it as we needed. ( Thing that could have been better is educating us about the terminologies they use like SIC , Pvt transfers etc , also advise to avoid overpacking the itinery)

We reached airport and were confused with no number to call or seeing no placards with our names, thankfully with free wifi and charge in mobile the help on a telegram was useful for Careem taxi pickup ( Things that could have been great: having someone with our name card at arrival, just reduces anxiety)

The sightseeing plan was well managed, with proper pick-up and drop to hotel. As most of the places at Dubai are huge and involve lots of walking - the leisure time at the location was limited, also as you travel in a group the discipline to adhere to agreed timings is well maintained.

Drivers are well behaved and practise good punctuality , it will be difficult for someone who has no respect for time or is with IST mentality.

Overall I am satisfied with the trip conduct and the support. As for the first time i took a conducted tour, I got my learnings.
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