Saba Firdose review by Manoj Ramakant Ambetkar

On 25 May 2018
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Dear all,

It was a wonderful trip to Singapore, assisted by Trip factory.
But the problem is in the communication. My Trip factory expert ‘Saba Firdose’ is having Trip factory email Id, but she is least bothered to see her emails. Many a time I have to remind, follow-up, ask for the clarifications and path forward. i.e

1) Several times communicated for Insurance, then the insurance documents received with incorrect Passport number and date of birth. Finally after close follow up it is resolved.

2) Every time she was asking for the passport copies, which were available with Trip factory since I booked my trip. (As understood many people are leaving Trip factory organization and that is why they lose track of customers, which is serious issue).

3) After my several follow-up for VISA, on 16 May, two days before traveling ‘Saba Firdose’ asked me for revised photos to be submitted to VISA office. This was already resolved on 5 May and had a confirmation from ‘UDDAN’ Visa agency (all mail available with Saba). Still she (Saba) was insisting for the same to get the visa and best part was, while she was insisting for revised Photos, VISA was already issued and mail from UDDAN visa agency was already sent to Trip factory to collect Visa.

4) Several times requested for Hotel confirmation. But it was informed that the booking code is available in vouchers. I have requested for one Queen Bed and one tween bed, how the person will come to know about these confirmation from just a code. Finally I directly sent a mail to Hotel reservation portal with booking code and got the confirmation from hotel for my requirement before I start my journey. This was expected from Trip factory expert.

5) Several time I requested for travel schedule and complete travel itinerary. I got that on the day of traveling and no phone call….. Phone call received from Saba 2 hrs before my journey start. How pathetic, how can you expect a family will arrange everything if they have to add/modify some carriage based on travel itinerary in last 2 hrs. Whereas the booking was done almost 2 month before.

Anyway…. the actual Journey was wonderful. The “WhatsApp” group concept was very good.
I appreciate the prompt & full support from “WhatsApp” group team. We felt safe and secure because of this “WhatsApp” group team backup.

I have not found any noncompliance to my booked package. All arrangement was perfect and smooth.

It was pleasure having tour with “Trip Factory”. Thanks to the team for support and making our Singapore trip memorable.

Manoj Ambetkar
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