Ankur Dwivedi/B2C/IXC review by Sai Swaroop

On 24 April 2021
Will Recommend to Others
Hi TripFactory team,

Came to know of your organisation through an online search.

Booked a vacation for Andaman with my wife and Ankur was really helpful with us throughout the booking process.

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances the Andaman trip had to be cancelled and Ankur informed us that well in advance.

The true skill and talent of Ankur came into display as he helped plan a complete itinerary for a totally new destination (Manali and Shimla) and he was very prompt in doing so.

He kept us informed and updated throughout the process of the new trip being planned and was posting us updates.

He was really a gem in arranging everything that we wanted in our trip on time and planning our schedule perfectly in tune with all the travel included and made sure we didn't miss out on anything special throughout our trip.

We thoroughly enjoyed the time at Manali and Shimla thanks to the wonderful planning done by Ankur and his travel team.

It was truly a once in a lifetime experience for us where everything happened perfectly on schedule without even a minute of delay.

Thanks a lot again Ankur for all your hardwork and dedication that you've put in to help us get a wonderful trip and help us see Manali and Shimla in its true glory.

I will definitely be the first one to contact you all when we're planning our next trip to any destination.

Keep rocking and godspeed Ankur 😊😊

Wish you and your team a Happy New year and let's keep this association for realising all my future trips.

Season's greetings,
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