Woodstock India review by Anil Kakar

On 30 October 2014
Will Recommend to Others
Genuinely happy. The hotel staff at Whispering Woods was courteous, thoughtful, well-coordinated and proactive. They contacted us for a pick-up even before we stepped out of the airport. The car was well-maintained and the driver did his best to reach us on time. For the drop-off on our way back, the driver and staff were up at 4 am and we were dropped in record time. During the stay, we were well-attended with an organised buffet breakfast and sumptuous dinners every night. The room included a private terrace, luxurious beds and access to a common dining room and a kitchen equipped with a refrigerator, hot plates, water heaters and water purifiers. The highlight of the journey was an extensive half-day sightseeing trip which took us to Miramar Beach, Dona Paula and the church of St. Francis. All in all, a memorable trip. The flights were on time and we were offered a complimentary meal on one of the flights. Grateful to each and every one who made this possible.
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