Sowmya Ks review by Ananthakrishnan

On 05 June 2017
Will Recommend to Others
Overall, the trip was nothing short of excellent. I would like to specifically comment few things as follows

Best things are trip customization by Sowmya, couple of confirmation calls from trifactory during the trip, the trip coordinatiors (Mr Avinash, Mr, Debashish and Mr Vijay), HOtel blue bird and Pearl Park resort
Worst thing - Hotel Driftwood

About Sowmya, she was able to understand my requirement and provide me with the one i needed after repeated iteration. However when i had to change the hotel after booking the trip she could not confirm the change of hotels. I had to directly contact the executives at operations and get it done.

The trip was extremely well managed in each and every part. The concerned people where very courteous and were happy to see us happy which was a very farm feeling. In particular the employees and trip managers at Blue bird resort (Haveloc) and Pearl Park resort (Neil) gave a very warm and homely feeling.
At this point i would like to say that employees at hotel driftwood (Port Blair) were a total opposite. I stayed two nights there (first and last day of trip). Both were a nightmare. The room was a total disaster. On the last day i obtained a room in the ground floor which was filled with beautiful crawling creatres. I had to ask the receptions twice to clean it. The AC didnt have a remote. How is one supposed to control it during night!! The toilet/bathroom was as good as any second grade lodge. It was a total disaster for me. I am sure the ground floor rooms are not meant for vistors because the rooms from the first floor onwards have a totally different makeover. Just not to lose customers, they are having this 2 or 3 ground floor rooms. They are not even maintained for emergency purpose. Trip factory's coordinator Mr.Avinash couldnt do anything at the last moment. Honestly no one could have.

Except for the last night it was a great trip. I thank you and request you to please remove Hotel Driftwood from your list of options.

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