Mohammed Sarosh review by SHARLENE MARILYN VAZ

On 14 August 2018
Will Recommend to Others
I must say I was apprehensive at first as I had not heard about tripfactory. I received really good service. In Singapore, everything was well organised, since it was required we have a Singapore number, we were given the Matrix card from here and all was smooth. Malaysia too the guides were accomodating, we would be contacted on WhatsApp since we didn't have a Malaysian number. We would recommend a different hotel in Malaysia as we had a bad experience where after ordering room service in time, we were told the kitchen was closed and we would not get anything to eat. In Thailand, especially Pattaya, it seemed as if it was a crime we committed by not taking a Thai mobile number. The guide did not introduce us as our guide and we were left guessing as to who she was. Here I must say the tripfactory team stepped in to provide us our details daily and that was good. In Bangkok too we were first unable to get in touch with the guide but then thanks to the tripfactory team stepping in we had a smooth trip. Special mention has to be made for Mr. Sarosh who patiently helped us plan this trip as per our specifications, made all modifications for our convenience and though of details we may not have. I feel the cost could have been a little less i.e. after going there and talking to other people on other tours but overall we had peace of mind to enjoy knowing that there was team who no matter what time of day, was always responsive and helpful.
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