Zaid review by Akhil

On 12 October 2019
Will Recommend to Others
This was my second trip with Tripfactory, first was Singapore and Malasiya and second just completed i.e Thailand.
To start with they booked the entire trip, have the support group created which was helpful throughout the way i.e any problem or ask can make to the group and was getting instant answers.

In terms of hotel at all three locations Phuket, Pattaya and Bangkok, Phuket hotel was not all good (Tanawan hotel- could not consider that to be 2 star, however it says 3 star as per my booking). Not satisfied at all, only good part was that atleast it was on the main street and all things were at walking distance. Other place hotels i.e Pattaya and Bangkok were very good. Phuket also was expecting the same as was given at other locations.

Other itinerary was good, enjoyed. Tripfactory took care of the entire booking. In Phuket there was booking for PhiPhi Island, the entire trip of that was good except for lunch which was really very bad in terms of comparison with other members on the boat having different lunch which was very good. I am not sure why our lunch was not that. Would suggest when doing booking please do the best one instead the average one.

Overall other than few points which I mentioned above the trip was very well planned by tripfactory and was good. Enjoyed and will plan another with Tripfactory but with different expectation.

1. Itinerary/vouchers including flight tickets should be sent at the minimum 3-4 days in advance. It was received on the travelling date.
2. Hotel selection as per customer preferences.
3. While doing any booking choose the best of the option like food, place etc instead the average.

Thanks for taking care of the booking. Really enjoyed and memorable.

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