Deepika Kumar review by Hisham Husain

On 10 August 2016
Will Recommend to Others
You could have gone to some place to eat, where the food was really awesome but the service was so bad that you forgot all about the delicious feast you had. This is one of the simplest examples of how important 'service' is - especially in a place you are so new to and you don't know head or tail about it.

Likewise, we decided to visit the Andaman and we knew that the place was really awesome but personally, I was skeptic that we are going on a package with a tourist agency - frankly, I was fully depending on the destination rather than how the service will be there and now I see that almost half the fun we had was due to the agency's service - thanks to Trip Factory!

From the moment we landed on Port Blair, to the hotels, from there to the beaches and other places, and back to the air port, the agency person was with us and even when we were roaming around, he was easily accessible which made things a lot more easier.

The planning and execution of the whole trip was really amazing that I just can't wait to book my next trip!
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