Vijay Gn review by Madhav Prabhala

On 24 October 2018
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Srinagar vehicles should not be sent to Jammu as they are being blocked from Jammu while going to Katra. Lot of difficulty in convincing the cops. Whole trip would have been spoilt had we not requested personally with the JnK Police.

Jammu airport does not allow Srinagar vehicles as there's a cartel - so again we had to request a Jammu cab - pay Rs 500 (which driver did) and then shift to our Srinagar cab after 300 metres. Time was wasted about 1 hour in all this.

Katra hotel was so-so - needs to be better - no hot water

Pahalgam hotel was good - but I believe they are all illlegal - and food and kitchen was horrible - please work with legal hotels only and need to have prper kitchen and pantry - after complaining - they sorted out for 1 meal in the room - but kitchen and dining very bad - poor service

Gulmarg - hotel is good but given 20 kms outside gulmarg - should be told to customer beforehand and hotel should be given in gulmarg only not outside - else beauty is lost - no hills - no scenic - it's on the highway - and definitely tariff costs lesser on highway

Srinagar hotel was good - driver very cooperative also.

Please look into the above. Vijay was very good.
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