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On 27 August 2015
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I have traveled to Goa on August 22nd to August 25th 2015.

The Biggest and Major problem I faced is, When I booked the Vacation with Trip Factory they have given the Hotel name as "The Hawaii Sea Side Village Retreat". When I landed in Goa, I took a cab and went to this hotel and they sad that the hotel is closed for Renovation. I was shocked, and did not know what to do, and I called the Trip Factory Customer Care and the phone will never be answered as the call will be directed to Answering Machine and they work only between 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. I was so panic and I am waiting with my Family and Cousins Family out side the Gate on the Road. This is

However, I got Alok number from the emails and called him and informed the issue. He said he will get back and may be he has informed someone in their company and after half an hour to forty five minutes some one from Trip Factory called and said that, Sir we are sorry because by mistake they have given the Wrong Hotel Name in the booking which was done prior to three months. And they informed the correct Hotel Name in the phone and we took another Cab and reached there. Trip Factory said they will reimburse the second Cab amount but they did not do it till now or they did not bother to call me and ask if I was happy.

From three months when my Vacation is nearing they did not bother to check again my booking, if they have checked the booking when it is nearing I would have not faced this problem.

However, after getting into the correct Hotel, I felt happy and the Hotel was good. Breakfast was really good and even we had Every night dinner in the same hotel and the prices were very reasonable and the food taste was really good. I liked the Hotel but I will never again book my Vacation with Trip Factory.

If you are planning to book the Vacation from Trip factory, I suggest you to call the Hotel much prior to reaching the destination and confirm if the hotel is open and confirm your booking.
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