Steven John review by Oana Turcu

On 24 October 2016
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Dear John,

I may find odd my so late response, but better later than never. I have been waiting for the dust to be set on my memories from India. They were very powerful, hence the late message. It was all like a fairytale that I have designed and in which someone, being you, helped me in a very unusual way. I was not aware how big an Indian heart is.

I only discovered it in Udaipur, before reaching Mumbai. In Mumbai I understood that finally. Me and my wife are very grateful for all you have done. You have been great all the way.

Goa is the "chef-d'œuvre" that we have lived in India. If it wasn't that far - a 10 hour flight - I would be spending all of my vacations there.
I do not believe I have experienced all of India in my short trip, so I might come back.

However. if you are ever in this part of the world, Europe, Romania, Bucharest, you can be sure you have dear friends waiting.

All the best,
Doru &Aurora Turcu - Romania - Bucharest
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